Nominating Committee

Nominating Committee


To identify and solicit qualified members to run for elected positions as set forth by the bylaws.


Under the direction of the Chair, this committee will meet with Board liaison at annual meeting, or conduct a conference call at the beginning of the work of the committee to develop and plan nominating strategies, publish in Insight and website, duties and qualifications for eligibility for office, according to the requirements stated in the Bylaws and Policy Manual.  All potential candidates should be informed of the responsibilities and required commitment of each position, seek members who are willing to run for office, verify each applicant's eligibility for office according to the requirements stated in the Bylaws and Policy Manual, select and compile a slate based on review of applicant's CV, verification of current employment, interviews with each applicant by at least one member of the Nominating Committee, and endorsements from another member or members, acquire a "Willingness to Serve" statement from each candidate selected for office, send each candidate forms for publishing their photo, election statement, brief biographical outline of their work history, membership in professional organizations, and personal accomplishments and participate in conference calls as needed.