Editorial Board


To oversee the composition of ASORN's journal, Insight, with regard to design and content, and to mentor actual and potential authors.

Responsibilities of the Editor

Under the direction of the Board, the Editor will, send manuscripts for peer review, as appropriate, create and maintain files of all peer reviewed material(s), select peer reviewers and editorial board members based upon their unique and specific abilities to contribute to the continued quality and growth of the journal, direct and delegate writing tasks for Insight’s regular features and columns to suitable committee members or invited guests, as appropriate, act as liaison between the headquarters staff and the printer, prepare a written report, prior to each Board meeting, about committee activities, submit an annual report for distribution to members at each annual meeting, submit materials for required documentation for ANCC-COA and ASORN compliance for Insight CNE articles, collect copyright transfer forms from authors and facilitate online publication of the Journal if approved by the Board.

Responsibilities of the Editorial Board

Under the direction of the Editor, the Editorial Board will serve as advisors to the Editor, peer reviewers and authors, serve as peer reviewers as requested, evaluate each issue of the journal for quality, readability and appearance, participate in creating and setting editorial policy, mediate conflicting review opinions, contribute columns and information for publication, mentor novice authors, review Free Papers or Poster Manuscripts for publication in Insight, review Manuscript Award submissions.

Responsibilities of Peer Reviewers

Under the direction of the Editor, the Peer Reviewers will review articles forwarded by Editor within established deadline and offer suggestions, comments, critiques for articles reviewed.