Certification Examination for Ophthalmic Registered Nurses

The CRNO exam is a computerized test offered at Prometric testing centers. Candidates must complete an online examination application and submit the required fee to Professional Testing Company (PTC).

Once the application and fee have been submitted candidates are encouraged to select a test date and center as soon as possible.

2023 Examination Dates

  • March 18 - April 1 | Application deadline February 15
  • September 2 - 16 | Application deadline August 2

Examination Fees

  • ASORN Members $350.00
  • Non-ASORN Members $450.00

Handbook for Candidates

Apply for the Certification Exam

A Study Guide is available for purchase on the ASORN website. The Study Guide contains three practice exams of 250 questions each weighted similar to the CRNO exam, supplemental questions in each of the exam content areas, and question answers, with location, in ASORN publications.

Content Outline

I.     Ocular Conditions - 15%
II.    Pharmacology - 20%
III.   Nursing Assessment of Ophthalmic Patient - 20%
IV.   Clinical and Perioperative Procedures - 35%
V.    Professional Issues - 10%

Further Information

For more information visit the Professional Testing Corporation web site or mail a request to:

NCBORN Examination
1350 Broadway, Ste. 800
New York, NY 10018
(212) 356-0660
Fax: (212)356-0678
E-mail: PTCNY@PTCNY.com

The handbook contains an exam application, total content outline, sample questions, suggested bibliography and test center locations.

Practice Test

A practice test consisting of 75 questions with a testing time of 2 hours taken over the Internet is available through Professional Testing Corporation.

The practice test is designed to provide individuals with an opportunity to experience taking a computerized exam, to review an example of the type of content included in the Certification Examination for Ophthalmic Registered Nurses, and to learn more about question format, style, and level of difficulty.

After completing the online practice test, participants will receive an instant score report showing test performance in each of the content areas. The score report does not provide correct answers or indicate which questions were answered correctly and incorrectly.

NOTE: Performance on the online practice test may differ from actual performance on the Certification Examination. Thus, there is no guarantee that taking this practice test will help you pass the Certification Examination. Participants may find it helpful to review content in any areas of weakness indicated on the score report prior to taking the Certification Examination.

Practice Test Registration Fee: $60 by credit card

To Apply: Visit https://secure.ptcny.com/webtest/ to apply online or call Professional Testing Corporation at (212) 356-0668.

"Often patients see CRNO on my badge and ask what it means. With pride and confidence I assure them that it means their eye nurse is educated, devoted, and by maintaining certification I keep current on issues relevant to their care." - ASORN member Juli Young, RN, CRNO

Click here to obtain a PDF copy of the Handbook for Candidates

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