Why Certification for Registered Nurse in Ophthalmology (CRNO)?

What Certification Does for You

Recognizes your professional qualifications and knowledge in ophthalmic nursing.

Demonstrates your personal commitment to the improvement of ophthalmic nursing practice.


Candidates who meet the following criteria are eligible to take the Certification Examination for Ophthalmic Registered Nurses*

  • Currently licensed as a Registered Nurse in the United States or the equivalent in other countries.
  • At least two years of full time or the equivalent (4000) hours experience in ophthalmic registered nursing practice.
  • Completion and filing of an Application for the Certification Examination for Ophthalmic Registered Nurses.
  • Payment of required fee.


The National Certifying Board for Ophthalmic Registered Nurses (NCBORN) promotes delivery of safe and effective care in ophthalmic registered nursing practice through the certification of qualified ophthalmic registered nurses by

Formally recognizing individuals who meet the eligibility requirements of NCBORN and pass the Certification Examination for Ophthalmic Registered Nurses.

Encouraging continued personal and professional growth in the practice of Ophthalmic Registered Nursing.

Establishing and measuring the level of knowledge required for certification in Ophthalmic Registered Nursing.

Providing a standard of requisite knowledge required for certification; thereby assisting the employer, public and members of the health professions in the assessment of the Ophthalmic Registered Nurse.

*Many nurses stop themselves from certification due to lack of time and not knowing how to prepare for the exam. The misconception arises when after two years of ophthalmic experience one is ready to take the exam without preparation. First make a commitment to yourself and set a goal. The average nurse spends three or more months preparing for the exam. Please use the handbook to guide you through the “Course Outline” and “References”. NCBORN offers a practice test to help you identify key areas to focus your learning.

 "Often patients see CRNO on my badge and ask what it means. With pride and confidence I assure them that it means their eye nurse is educated, devoted, and by maintaining certification I keep current on issues relevant to their care." - ASORN member Juli Young, RN, CRNO

Click here to obtain a PDF copy of the Handbook for Candidates

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