Membership in ASORN gives you access to professional networking and learning opportunities with a diverse and experienced group of ophthalmic team members.

Our members vary from nurses just out of school, to nurses with decades of experience, to ophthalmic technicians and administrators.

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Benefits of ASORN Membership
  • Contribute to the field of ophthalmology - ASORN members are called upon frequently by industry partners and medical groups to offer their knowledge and professional wisdom on special projects.
  • Recent special projects include collaboration with AAO and OMIC on the Ophthalmic Surgical Checklist and collaboration with Mobius Therapeutics to create a Mitomycin C Tip Sheet.
  • Get Involved! Become a member and volunteer to work on an ASORN special project today.

New Members

  • You're a new member if you've never been a member of ASORN or haven't been a member for at least 3 years. Not sure? Contact to see if you have an account.

    2023 Promotional Rate available for RNs within 0-2 years of nursing practice or 0-2 years in ophthalmic nursing practice. First-time members only.

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Renewing Members

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Member Testimonials

"Most of the time I feel like a tiny speck in a huge world where no one speaks my language (ophthalmology language). Here I have camaraderie.
ASORN membership provides my continuing education resources and keeps me 'up' on all the new 'stuff'. You speak my language. But mostly ASORN provides a voice for this 'tiny speck'. I believe there is power in numbers. Too often ophthalmology is discounted - until we are needed. Compared to other healthcare specialties our numbers are small.Often patients see CRNO on my badge and ask what it means. With pride and confidence I assure them that it means their eye nurse is educated, devoted, and by maintaining certification I keep current on issues relevant to their care. That would not be possible without ASORN."
ASORN Member Juli Young
"While in school, I've been impressed with the need for evidence-based nursing and getting information from 'those who know best' ...........
Before coming to the VA, I was the manager of SPD at my hospital and would certainly have appreciated having a copy of the ASORN's manual on taking care of eye instruments. After learning about TASS I decided to re-write our policy. ..........
Thank you so much for all you do, it's so important. I happily received all your encouragement and help today, it's been a great boost to my spirit. "
ASORN Member Ann