NEHEP Educational Resources

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NEHEP Educational Resources

NEHEP has a variety of educational resources to help you raise awareness among the communities you serve throughout the year.

Keep Vision in Your Future: Glaucoma Toolkit - This toolkit is designed to help you increase awareness about glaucoma by conducting educational sessions in your community. It includes everything you need including a PowerPoint presentation, speaker’s guide, participant handouts and more. Use the materials provided in this toolkit to educate others.

Evidence-based Continuing Medical Education on Eye Diseases - Take advantage of exciting educational opportunities on eye diseases. Topics include glaucoma, cataract, and age-related macular degeneration. These programs are developed with specific target audiences in mind to enhance continuing professional development and improve clinical competencies. The ultimate goal is to improve patient outcomes.

Diabetic Eye Disease Educational Resources and Materials - If you are a healthcare provider, diabetes educator, community health worker, or other professional who works with people with diabetes, these tip sheets can help you discuss diabetic eye disease and find NEHEP resources to use to talk about the importance of annual dilated eye exams and keeping diabetes under control to help prevent vision loss.