Membership Categories

Active Member

Active Members: Registered Nurses presently engaged in ophthalmic nursing in offices and clinics, community health, management, research, and surgical settings, International Members: Nurses working in ophthalmology who are not registered in the United States and Associate Members: Registered Nurses interested in, but not currently practicing in ophthalmic nursing.


2023 Promotional Rate available for RNs within 0-2 years of nursing practice or 0-2 years in ophthalmic nursing practice. First-time members only.

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Affiliate Member

Non RN's active in the field of ophthalmic health care, such as LPNs, LVNs, certified surgical technologists, ophthalmic medical personnel, physicians and anyone committed to fostering the ophthalmic team concept and collaboration among all who work in our specialty but are NOT Registered Nurses.
(Affiliate members have all the rights and privileges of Regular members except they cannot chair committees, hold national office or vote.)


Retired RN Member

Regular and Affiliate members, age 62 or older, who are interested in ophthalmic patient care but have retired from active practice, and who have been ASORN members for at least two years immediately prior to retiring from active nursing practice (approval required before acceptance).


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  • 4-24 members = 10% discount
  • 25-49 members = 15% discount
  • 50+ members = 20% discount.